This Exhibit B: SLA is incorporated by reference into the Customer Order Form (the “Agreement”) between Rebelmail (“Rebelmail”) with a principle business address at 200 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10003 and Customer named on the Order Form executed by the Parties. The effective date of this Exhibit B is the first email deployment date.

Terms with initial capitalized letters not defined in this Exhibit B will have the meanings ascribed in the Order Form or the Exhibit where such terms are defined.


The Dashboard (“Application”) is the access point for Customer campaign setup, reporting and segmentation functionality and can be accessed via the Internet with a user name and password.

Availability & Uptime

Scheduled Maintenance - Rebelmail maintains scheduled maintenance windows during which time the Application may be unavailable. Rebelmail will notify designated Customer personnel 36 hours in advance of any known service outages that will occur as a result of scheduled activities. Scheduled maintenance activities requiring downtime will not total more than two hours a month. Scheduled maintenance is planned for periods of minimum usage.

Emergency Maintenance – In the event of critical time sensitive maintenance that may affect the Rebelmail Application availability, Rebelmail will notify Customer with as much advance notice as is possible with information about the expected time and duration of the interrupted service, as well as the expected impact on Customer operations and customers.

Uptime – Rebelmail will ensure that its Application is available 99.9% in any given month, excluding maintenance. The uptime percentage is calculated as follows: (total minutes in any calendar month – total minutes of unavailability) divided by (the total minutes in same calendar month) x 100. Downtime during the maintenance windows does not count as a period of unavailability.

Support Availability

Day to day Customer support for all issues and questions will be available on an unlimited basis during normal business hours (M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM EST/EDT, excluding company holidays) via the Rebelmail Client Success manager assigned to Customer and at support@rebelmail.com.


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