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   have changed.
Email has not.

Email Has Been Around for Twenty Years

And still it is all about taking people out of the inbox.
The problem is that email doesn’t provide all the functionality of the web.

Static Review in Email Interactive Review in Email

Rebelmail-powered interactivity allows marketers to keep the subscriber decision making process in inbox.
Decreasing conversion-drop off is easy with interactivity and interactivity is easy with Rebelmail (we need zero IT integration).

See what you can do


Goal: Educate Subscribers

Promo Reveal

Goal: Drive Conversions

Hot Spots

Goal: Drive Conversions


Goal: Capture Subscriber Behavior

In-email Purchase

Goal: Drive Conversions


Goal: Capture Subscriber Behavior


Goal: Capture Subscriber Behavior

Add to Cart

Goal: Drive Conversions
The Rebelmail dashboard allows you to create compelling, smarter emails and get in depth insight into subscriber behavior.

We Get Real Results


Boost in Reviews

Using the Forms Module

Boost in CTOR

Using the Quiz Module.

Boost in Revenue

Using the Add to Cart Module