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More than just opens 
& clicks

For the first time see what your users are 
inside of an email.

In Email Analytics
See exactly how Sue interacts

Unique Open
Sue just opened your email

Unique Interaction
Sue viewed image two

Sue viewed image three

Sue chose a style

Sue chose a size

Unique Submit
Sue just added a shirt to her cart

The most engaging 

emails in the world

Send interactive emails and understand what your users are doing in realtime.
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We're working with some amazing brands

Airbnb Candyspace Casper HP JackThreads

Support for all major clients

Our emails work beautifully on all major email clients and display elegantly on less capable ones.

We work with your existing ESP

Our product integrates with all the major ESPs and we are adding deeper integrations all the time.

Simple ecommerce integration

Bring your users one step closer to purchase with add to cart directly from your email.

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